Waterfall Railway Station – NSW
Waterfall Railway Station – NSW
Luke Morgan
September 15, 2021

Following on from the NSW Premier closing non critical construction sites in July, the Clients ‘Soft Start’ direction has been anything but!! ROBAR Civil along with our Subcontractor Ormond Civil have utilised the ‘soft start’ to take advantage of the limited site presence of other contractors, who have been directly affected by COVID 19, due to the restrictions imposed in the Greater Sydney LGAs. August also showed appreciation to the hard work done by the site team, with appreciation awards given to both Sam Gregory and Ben Eagles, for both safety awareness and outstanding performances. Progress for August 2021 has included the following: Area 3 – 630m2 Shotcrete; Area 3 – 60 Soil Nails Installed (Milestone Area 3 Soil Nails Completed). Area 4 – 114lm Grated Drains Installed. Surface Drains – 340lm installed. WFL01 & WFL02 Access Roads Excavated to Formation. Area 4 – Placing formwork for Cess drain. Continuing with excavation for next stages of Cess Drain heading towards the Sydney.


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